• Low Hashrate Solution Guide
    1. Restart the machine and check.
    2. Pull out the power cord and wait for 3 minutes. Then power on again
    3. Repeat step 2 for several times if still problem. 
    4. Contact suppor t team if still problem
  • Input Voltage of PSU
    1. Check the specificatioin of the PSU.
    2. Check your local voltage input.
  • Fast Setting Up Guide

    1. Connect the Ethernet   cable 

    2. Connect Power supply cord

    3. Find the IP of the machine from your router or HK_MinerTool (http://www.honorknight.com/support/download)

    4. Login in the IP of machine with browser on your computer.  root/root (admin/admin)

    5. Configure your own mining pool account.